Material safety data sheets (MSDS)


High-purity ingot is 99.90% to 99.98% pure aluminium. Products made of high-purity ingot are used in critical applications in memory disks and capacity foil; in airplane wing spars and turbine blades; in lighting panels and other electrical appliances. High-purity ingot is also used as a “sweetener” in the production of secondary aluminium ingots. We sell high-purity ingot in sows, standard ingots and rolling slab ingots.

Rio Tinto Alcan’s Tiwai Point plant in New Zealand produces the highest purity aluminium ingot in the world.

Rio Tinto Alcan supplies a wide range of grades across our network of high purity producing smelters.  The majority of these grades are from the AA series of International Alloy Designations.  Specific grades are also available from each smelter and non-existing grades can be created based on specific needs. More information can be obtained by contacting your country sales representative.

Alloy Aluminium content
P0101* 99.98%
P0202A 99.96%
P0303A 99.94%
P0404A 99.92%
P0406A 99.90%

*Not published by the Aluminium Association

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